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It is with great passion that we dive into the uniqueness of nature. The great variety of natural stone is virtually unlimited, and that reflects the different histories of origin. The most varied of components, subjected to the elements over millions of years, turn every piece of natural stone into something completely unique. As a result of our love for this noble material, we have made it our quest to turn this treasure of nature into something visible and accessible to all.

The continuous search for new materials constantly extends our product range. With more than eight hundred types of natural stone, we can approach each project by working with the ideal stone that both meets the technical requirements and satisfies the stylistic desires.
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A 360° view

In the meantime, our company continues to grow. We run our own quarries in Zimbabwe, Spain, and the USA, and have exclusive business agreements with many quarries worldwide. It is possible to trace the entire production process within the company, from the quarry through the raw block and the slab to the finished final product. This 360°service is one of our factors for success which offers our customers a guarantee of reliability and durability. That makes us a trustworthy contact for private customers, for stonemasons, for architects, for designers, all the way to project engineers of large commercial and residential buildings and skyscrapers.

600.000 square feet of slabs per year