Soft and Natural

Moonrock is a Brazilian quartzite with a brown base tone and unevenly distributed roundish shades, which consist of lighter whitish to darker grey pockets of various minerals. The structure and petrographic composition of the material is unique in the world, and causes wonder in every petrographer and geologist. The character of the quartzite is natural, unobtrusive, neutral, gentle, calm and warm. Due to its very constant base tone and the small change in color from block to block, the material is particularly suitable for large-area applications such as facades or floors. Moonrock fits seamlessly into modern as well as rustic environments.
In contrast to the cross cut Moonrock, the appearance of the rock vein cut changes drastically. The gentle, roundish shades become a flowing, linear structure. This optical effect is often reminiscent of the texture of shiny brown silk, giving the quartzite cut in this direction its name: Brown Silk.